Why Are Collegiate Liberals So Angry?

The authoritarian, social justice-riddled world of college campus liberalism stopped turning at approximately 3 AM on Wednesday, November 9, 2016. It was at this point that the harsh, unfeeling reality seeped into the overemotional hearts of gender studies professors and Trigglypuffs the nation over; Donald Trump would be the 45th President of the United States of America. Their sancrosanct, inevitable Queen had been usurped at the finish line. Her downfall, they would later learn, had come at the hands of a wave of working-class, white voters dissastisfied with a political establishment who had turned a deaf ear to their concerns and problems for decades. It was no less than a snakebite into the very neck of their ideology, for the basis of their “Winning Coalition” to turn against them in such rebellious fashion.

Aghast and horrified, leftist collegiates and crybullies took to social media to screech their indignity to the world. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat were flooded with videos and pictures of vibrant-haired, malformed students crying into each other’s “Nasty Woman” t-shirts. They ranted into their luxurious smartphones and furiously slammed at their touch keypads about what had just occurred. ‘How could this happen!’, they roared. ‘Hillary was supposed to win! How could a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot take the White House!’. Many of them, defeated and paranoid, expressed that they were ‘afraid to leave their homes’. When considered from an analytical standpoint, it makes perfect sense that they would be so averse. These men and women of the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) movement are simply misguided souls, tricked by their liberal professors and by the mainstream media into believing in the idealistic, virtue-signaling, substanceless policies that they do. Moreover, these people have been conditioned by those same culprits into believing in the false reality of institutional oppression; which is the belief that western society and government are designed to be skewed against certain ethnicities, sexes, religions and orientations. It should be, then, no surprise that they are revolted to the presidency of Donald Trump, a man who the mainstream media has been denouncing as racist and sexist (despite both claims being utterly false) for the past year-and-a-half.

The horror felt by social justice warriors soon curdled into blind rage as the results of America’s 58th quadrennial presidential election became more nuanced. Twitter hashtags such as #RapeMelania, #DieWhitesDie and #AssassinateTrump began trending. Pehraps the most disingenuous trending hashtag of all was #NotMyPresident, which was a hilariously ironic rebuke of the President-elect, who had previously been snidely denounced by the same people for saying that he would not immediately accept the outcome of the election. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Beyonce encouraged their brainwashed fans to fight the result. And fight, they did. Thousands went so far as to march out into the streets in violent uproar against democracy. In Oakland, California, large amounts of rioting and property damage took place in the immediate hours following the election. Smaller, less violent protests took place in Portland, Manhattan, and Los Angeles, but all had the same message; liberals would not quietly come to terms with the voice of the nation.

The blame for this wave of violence and immature frustration can unequivocally be lain at the feet of those who are molding these young minds. It is the responsibility of those educating and broadcasting information to the public to be as informative as possible, while removing personal biases and viewpoints from the lesson or newscast. In this mission, both the mainstream media and the most extreme college professors have failed catastrophically. It is important to add that not all college professors are failing in teaching their students; however, a large-enough minority are for this to be an ongoing issue. College courses have, in some universities, been reduced to a platform for the professor to espouse their unsubstantiated opinions to their students and therefore condition those students to think the way that they do. This is especially true of courses in social sciences, literature, political sciences, and history. This epidemic has gotten so extreme that courses are being created to reinforce the liberal bilge that students hear in English class. “Gender Studies”, “Celebrating Diversity”, “Women’s Studies”, “Human Sexuality”, “Gay and Lesbian Culture”, and (perhaps most ridiculous of all) “Deaf Culture” classes are prime examples of this. In some schools, taking a “Diversity Elective” is a prerequisite to graduate.

In addition, the mainstream media’s partiality to expressing liberal views is only another aspect of the average college student’s day-to-day which has been liberalized. Talking heads such as Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and David Muir spew more leftist faux thought into the ears of the collegiate only after having taken a World Geography class with a liberalized curriculum and only after having been forced into taking Gender Studies.

With this high-density intrusion and idea-bleaching going on in young minds, I am surprised that any conservative youths (such as myself) even exist in this day and age. It is no wonder why thousands of college kids are dying their hair blue and unironically subscribing to the theory of Karl Marx when so much of their daily intake on politics has the poison of liberalism injected into it.


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