The Russian Hacking Fraud

In the waning days of his administration President Obama is throwing an epic tantrum on the world stage.  Not only did he send his stooge, Secretary of State John Kerry on a quest to snub Israel in the UN this week (grab a glass of water next time) he has also decided to lash out at the Russians – again.  Since his failed and embarrassing Russian Reset through the current situation in Syria, US relations with Russia have suffered significantly due to the ham-fisted diplomacy of the Obama administration.

President Obama’s immaturity through his recent decision to expel 35 Russian diplomats and shut down several Russian entities within the United States illustrates his arrogance towards the voting population of this country, voters that voted for change in 2016. He excused these rash actions with the accusation that Russia had an indirect hand in hacking the private email server of one Secretary Hillary Clinton. In reality, his ambitions in these recent moves are far more sinister. He is on a mission of scorched earth, and his actions are comparable to those of a petulant child that did not get his way and so is breaking all the toys. While most former United States Presidents have worked with their incoming successors and stayed relatively quiet during transitions, Obama sees fit to make waves and leave the new administration with some large issues to solve. This, on top of the damaged international relations and domestic policy that he was already set to leave behind.

Obama’s allies in the mainstream media echo these claims of Russian interference. They drone the same message in repetition, as if repetition can afix truth to their lies. The report itself, published by the Department of Homeland Security at the behest of Obama personally, begins with a disclaimer that immediately diminishes the credibility of the report.  The document goes on to make indirect references to the email of John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee.

These claims are made despite months of rumors and statements that the DNC emails were leaked, not hacked, by insiders that were disgusted by the party’s treatment of Bernie Sanders. Some DNC documents were hacked and published by a hacker calling himself Guccifer 2.0. Although his identity and motivations still remain unclear, he himself has claimed that he is not a Russian agent.

As for creepy John Podesta, his egregious and irresponsible handling of technology seems to have been taught to him by his then boss, Secretary Clinton herself.  He lost his cell phone getting out of a cab, sent his password in unencrypted emails and was stupid enough to fall for a spear phishing attack. It is abundantly clear that the responsibility for the emails being hacked should be lain at the feet of those from whom the emails were taken, and not scapegoats such as the Russian government.

Opposing views to the Russian hacking hoax are not given much press by those who generate narratives at the mainstream media. Notable cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee, for instance, makes the case that we may never be able to determine who is responsible for hacking the DNC or John Podesta. McAfee was quoted as saying, “I would use Russian techniques of breaking into organizations so there is simply no way to assign a source for any attack – this is a fallacy.” and that this report is a part of a ploy to “manipulate our opinions.”

There has been little to no proof made available by the Obama administration concerning these allegations against Russia. Though the CIA sees it fit to broadcast to the public that Russia may have been involved in hacking the emails of certain election officials, they do not see it fit to substantiate these serious accusations to the same public. There seems to be a concerted partisan effort afoot to sully the results of the election in the eyes of the public, in a repeat of the way the Democratic Party acted in the 2000 election.  The Russians certainly did not hack voting totals nor the electoral college results.  In fact, the only state that has proven to be a victim of hacking is the attempted hacking of State of Georgia, and that was traced to the Department of Homeland Security.

There is a sort of irony however, in all this talk of hacking and cyber security given the over two-year-long effort by the White House, State Department and Media Gatekeepers to ignore and downplay Hillary Clinton’s risky handling of sensitive and classified information with her unique interpretation of cyber security.

While Trump and his transition team work towards his inauguration, we here at The Duff Column wonder what else the outgoing Obama may have in store for us in the final days of his unaccomplished, uninspiring administration.

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