Obama’s Abandonment of Israel

For much of the history of the state of Israel, it has dealt with challenges to its existence. Two wars have been waged by several Arabian Islamic nations, including Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, to do away with the Jewish republic once and for all. Fortunately, both attempts failed catastrophically, and out of the ashes rose a stronger, fairer, and more efficient Israel. The threats that have been posed to the continuation of the prosperity of Israel have, in more contemporary times, stepped outside the realm of warfare and into the realm of politics. From 2006 to 2013 alone, there were 45 condemnations of Israel made by the United Nations Human Rights Council. This, despite there being absolutely no substantiations of the allegations made against the Jewish state in any circumstance in which a condemnation was made. Additionally, the United Nations has seen it fit to attempt to curb Israel at every possible turn, whether it be the discouragement of raids against violent Palestinian protestors by the IDF, or the encouragement of the recongition of the terrorist state of Palestine through accepting it into the General Assembly as an observer nation. The denouncement of Israel as an aggressor state or as an apartheid state only serve to strengthen the calls for these condemnations against Israel and foments contempt for Israel and Jews in general.

Until recently, one of the most trusted allies of Israel was the United States of America. As a member of “The Big Five” of the UN Security Council, and as a global superpower with much prestige and a large sphere of influence, the United States has had the ability to shield Israel from much of the assaults to its existence made by other nations. The United States has vetoed over 80 resolutions that would have condemned Israel through its veto power as one of “The Big Five”. I say “until recently,” because over the past few weeks, the Obama administration has moved to begin neglecting our friendly ties to Israel. For seemingly no reason other than to destroy as much of the American diplomatic integrity as possible before leaving office, Obama’s Department of State has decided to turn its back on Israel in the UN and in the public eye. Instead of using the aforementioned veto power that comes with being one of “The Big Five” in the Security Council, the United States’s Ambassador to the UN acted on orders to abstain from voting on a resolution that condemned the existence of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Simultaneously, the outgoing Secretary of State, John Kerry, gave a speech in which he was quoted as saying, “If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic — it cannot be both.”

This blatant anti-Semitism is a huge veer away from the orthodox position of America, which is to affirm and encourage the existence of Israel as a Jewish state. The reality is that Israel IS both a Jewish state and a democratic state, and it is tangibly hateful towards Jewish people to suggest that a Jewish state is inherently an anti-democratic state. If it is true that a state cannot be both Jewish and democratic, is it also true that the Islamic nations who have recently become allies of the outgoing Obama administration are exempt from being democratic societies? Must an entire nation be completely devoid of religion before it can be considered democratic? If the answer is yes, that this principle goes for all religions, then it is clearly an indirect affront to the moral boundaries created in western societies by Christianity. If the answer is no, that this principle is exclusive to Judaism and Jewish states, then it is indicative of a bias against Jews and what the cultural and religious traditions that come with Judaism stand for. Either way, this statement was a heavy-handed condemnation of one of our most trustworthy, respectable friends on the geopolitical landscape.

By damaging diplomatic ties with Israel in the waning days of his administration, President Obama has shown to a greater extent his lack of maturity and ethicality. He is pursuing a policy of scorched earth in an effort to make it as hard as possible for the incoming President, Donald Trump, to do his job adequately. It is no less than an attack on intrinsically American values to conduct oneself in the way that President Obama has been conducting himself since his preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, was defeated on the electoral battlefield by Republican Trump. These recent radical turns at the United Nations are only one example of the many destructive actions that President Obama has been pursuing in the last month of his presidency. However, these actions against Israel are much more damning and cut much deeper. They are even more of a severe damage because of our historical affinity for Israel due to our love of Judeo-Christian values in this country. As such, the shock caused in the western world by our diplomatic turn against Israel will reverberate for much longer than some of Obama’s other recent rash decisions, such as his easily-reversible sanctions against Russia. However, the worst part of these actions is not the long-term damage to our relationship with Israel, but the emboldening of the enemies of Israel which it will cause. These, the same barbaric enemies who tried to extinguish the flame of the Jewish state as it was beginning nearly 70 years ago.

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