Dreaming of a Coup

Tomorrow, December 19th, the Electors in our Electoral College will cast their votes and make official the election of Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States. Since the election, the Democratic Party and their cohorts in the mainstream media have fostered a series of ill-fated schemes to pervert the results of the election in such a way that Hillary Clinton is made the President instead.

First, the recounts. Jill Stein’s quixotic quest raised more money to fund recount efforts than did her entire presidential campaign.  Wisconsin being the only state where an actual recount was triggered actually ended up strengthening Trump’s victory in the state while her PA and Michigan recount efforts were doomed to fail from the start. The strategic selection of those three states was part of an overall scheme to target Trump’s electoral college victory.

When the recounts failed the left began another maneuver.  Target the electors themselves.  Across the nation reports of harassment and threats against electors have been glossed over by most of the main stream media puppets.   This strategy too seems to have been a failure having only exposed one elector from Texas (Christopher Suprun) who will not be voting for Trump.  Petitions and pleas from Hollywood windbags don’t seem to have amounted to much more than what we usually see from the left; impotent, ineffective idiocy.

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